10 Amenities That Must Be Present in Your New Apartment !
  • Nov 24,2017 10:45

A lot of the times, home-buyers often end up getting disappointing deals with home purchases. What initially looked like a dream home had unfortunately ended up as a disaster. Probably, the developer/builder has not offered all the promised features as documented. Let alone the luxurious expectations, may be the buyer is denied of the basic amenities. So, it’s important to know about all those must have amenities that should be present in your residential space.

1. Power Backup

This is one of the non-negotiable features that should be present in any residential complex. Though, in the recent times the incidences of frequent power outages have reduced significantly, a power back up certainly helps. But, the story is different in the city outskirts. Some localities in Kolkata are prone to power cuts. For example, the areas in Joka, Amtala and other surrounding areas, often suffer from power shortcuts. These days, a lot of affordable residential complexes are coming up in these areas and a power backup facility is mandatory.

2. Lifts

High-rise apartments are soon growing to take up most of the city space in the recent times. Multi storied apartments are not uncommon in the city outskirts as well. Hence, providing lifts in the apartment blocks is a necessity. If it is a large apartment complex, there must be more than one lift and that the power backup as well.

3. Water supply

Nowadays, water scarcity is gradually becoming more prevalent in the metropolitan cities. So, it’s important that there’s an arrangement for 24/7 water supply well in advance. Also make sure that the quality of water received is perfectly fine. There are many areas in Kolkata, where the arsenic content in the boring water is higher. Especially, if you are buying properties near Amtalayou must get all the details about water supply from the local Municipality office.

4. Security services

Basic security provisions must in every apartment, no matter at what part of the city it’s located. Apart from appointing the round-the-clock security personnel, there must be the provision of automated security devices, such as CCTV cameras. Refrain yourself from investing, if the apartment is not protected.

5. Recreational facilities

With increased demand for urban conveniences, most of the apartments in the metro cities are offering recreational facilities within the premises. It essentially includes kids play area, gymnasiums, swimming pools or multipurpose sports court and so on. Adequate maintenance of these facilities is also important. Before you invest, make sure that your flat is equipped with such recreational facilities.

6. Parking space

For many buyers’ lists, this is one of the most important factors. Especially, if you are looking for flats in the D.H. Road Joka, having a parking space is important. Nowadays, most of the home-buyers have a personal vehicle. Without a parking space, you are likely to invite a lot of hassles in the long run.

7. Availability of common spaces

Make sure that, as a resident, you must have an uninhibited access to the common spaces, such as lawn, terrace, function halls and so on. Before you sign the document for purchase, get to know about the terms and conditions of the access of these spaces.

8. Waste disposal

It’s wise to check on waste disposal methods followed in your apartment complex. If your city has regulations with respect to segregation and disposal of waste, check if the apartment has a system to ensure the same is carried out.

9. Vastu-compliant designs

To many buyers, a Vastu compliant apartment design is extremely important. Apart from the religious reasons, many people are interested about it from the scientific point of view. For instance, an East-facing apartment, there must be adequate light and ventilation. So, enquire about these features before you make your buying decision.

10. Ventilation

Before buying a flat, check if the property has proper ventilation. Living in a space that lacks adequate light and air can have serious effects on your health.

These basic amenities can go a long way to ensure that you have a satisfying home-owning experience. However, you can also check projects by NVR Pride in Joka that offers regular shuttle service from the project spot to Joka metro, direct entry to the building by remote control and so on.

Summary: There are several must-have amenities that you should always insist on, while buying a flat. Here’s a look into it.

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