10 Low Budget Ways To Make Your Home Look Fabulous
  • Dec 06,2018 7:40

Believing that a tight budget will be a spoil sport to your interior designing plan is a sheer mistake. Today, budget constraint is no more a problem, if you know the proper tricks to notch an aesthetic look. While the internet is brimming with plenty of DIY ideas, here we have shared ten expert tips sourced from the seasoned interior designers. Take a look at these, before starting with any kind of interior makeovers.

1. Use Artworks as Your Home Decor

Artworks are great to jazz up even an ordinary space. Select a focal point and add a wow factor by placing an oversized piece of art. The look is chic and creates a high impact. At the same time involves much less hassle. Visit the local flea markets to grab the large pieces at reasonable prices. You can even use your creative spirit to design an artwork on your own.

2. Simplify Your Styling

Stuffing a lot of furniture in a petite living space will eventually spoil your home beautification plan. Instead, clear up the clutter and replace these with some chic and sophisticated items. Pare down the items that make your space crammed and get some smart and light furniture within your budget.

3. Use Attractive Textiles

Instead of using expensive fabrics, use antique textiles to design throw pillows or upholstered stools. A colourful and antique rug on the floor can create a visual intrigue and at the same time will personalize your space. Amp up the snug, by using some colourful throws over the sofa or chair.

4. Work with Sculptures

A sculpture will introduce a dramatic element in your living space. Consider using a tree-root (artificial ones are available in the thrift stores) coffee table or unusual side chair that looks like a sculptural piece in your living room. It will add an artistic component to your design.

5. A Mix of Textures will Help

 Work with a thoughtful mix of materials and textures to create a customised and luxurious look. Get some decor items made of glass, metals, wood, a variety of textiles and leather items to create an inviting space

6. Opt for Some Window Treatments

Fortunately, window treatments are one of the most budget-friendly ways to jazz up your living space. But instead of buying those flimsy items, opt for some decorative curtains. Flimsy items are least expensive but they look extremely cheap in a well-organized living space. Visit the curtain stores to purchase some lined draperies within a budget. Opt for items made of linen, silk and cotton.

7. Lighting Makes a Difference

With the arrival of new age LED lights, you can accomplish your decoration goals within your budget. A wide assortment of choices is available with designer light fixtures within an economic rate. In fact, they add more elegance than the standard chandelier. Visit the flea markets and second-hand stores to get some antique items within your budget.

8. Opt for a Minimalist Look

Opt for a minimalist look instead of jamming the shelves with oversized knick-knacks. Consider keeping a few books that stand upright along with tall vases that fill the space instead of overcrowding it. Get objects of different heights and colours to decorate the shelves. You can buy some long neck flower vases from flea market to design these spaces.

9. Use a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint colour can certainly makes your room look gorgeous, but make sure that you choose the right shades because the remaining decor of your living space will be based off the colour palette. You can go for either bold or dramatic look or soft and understated hues. Whatever you choose, make sure that it looks elegant from every aspect.

10. Opt for Pillow Decor 

Pillows are considered an important factor of the modern home decor strategies. Pillows can punch-up the elegance factor of your living space, if chosen correctly. Moreover, they offer you a little extra comfort on the couch and add a cosy feel to your home. For the decoration purpose, opt for larger pillows with sizes ranging from 22 to 24 inches. They create a plush and elegant appearance.

These tips are the simplest ways to go for a budget –friendly home decoration. For the ultimate glamour, you don’t need to break your bank, simply make your creative mind work a bit to accomplish your decoration goal.

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