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The effects of RERA and GST have been rife over the Real estate market of India. Here’s a look at the trends that are expected to reshape and redefine the sector in 2018.

With the implementation of RERA and GST, Indian Real Estate sector has witnessed significant transformation in the recent times. However, the experts have found this phase quite promising, considering the evolving growth prospects in the market.  It seems 2018 looks brighter than ever with a good supply of houses across major

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This blog highlights the factors that must be taken into account while buying the affordable residential projects.
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Should You Invest In Real Estate Property in Kolkata After Demonetization?
  • Nov 30,2017 10:40

 “Home is definitely the place where the heart resides”, but what if in your heart you do not know where your home should be?

Well, there are several variables that you need to consider while choosing the location of a flat or apartment in a metro city. There’s no point in thinking that any area of a metro city would be ideal for buying a flat. From low crime rates to great connectivity, availability of civic amenities, a lot of considerations come into play while deciding on the location of

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A lot of the times, home-buyers often end up getting disappointing deals with home purchases. What initially looked like a dream home had unfortunately ended up as a disaster. Probably, the developer/builder has not offered all the promised features as documented. Let alone the luxurious expectations, may be the buyer is denied of the basic amenities. So, it’s important to know about all those must have amenities that should be present in your residential space.

1. Power Backup

This is one of the

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Mr. Pratiik Jallan MD Jalan Builders Pvt. Ltd. shares his views on RERA & GST.
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Have you ever wondered what actually increases the price of the real estate projects in Kolkata?  Read this blog to know more.

When we actually talk about a premium flat, it’s not only because it shares a great location or a great layout that’s highly favourable for classy interior decoration. In fact a flat can be tagged as premium, when it comes with a great location, breathtaking layout, all sorts of smart amenities and most importantly a top-notch infrastructure. So basically, it’s a

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How does the infrastructure of Joka support real estate development in this area? 

Real estate sector in Kolkata witnessed major boom in the recent years. As per CREDAI Bengal, an industrial body, the real estate sector will witness further growth in the coming years. However, the areas that witnessed unprecedented growth are the outskirt regions of Kolkata like Joka and other such regions. Joka has been on the radar and is a known name because of the Indian Institute of Management, the most

  • Oct 17,2017 11:14

Why is Joka the ideal place for Real estate investment?

While the mainland of Kolkata is apparently concrete crammed, the city fringes are coming up with space for real estate boom. Offering tremendous growth prospects in every possible ways, real estate locations like Joka and Rajarhat are gradually becoming the most profitable place for investment. Moreover, the physical proximity of these places from the core of the city also makes them a burgeoning commercial and residential hub.


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Imagine, if instead of using diagrams to teach us how birds fly, our teachers actually took us out in the open to show it? How would it be if we were taught about the flora and fauna in the gardens and jungles instead of colourful pictures in our Science book? How would it be if we could differentiate between the texture of Clayey and Alluvial soil by touching them? 

Just think about the learning we could have had if we were allowed to experience the world and learn from it organically, rather

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