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Real estate sector in Kolkata witnessed major boom in the recent years. As per CREDAI Bengal, an industrial body, the real estate sector will witness further growth in the coming years. However, the areas that witnessed unprecedented growth are the outskirt regions of Kolkata like Joka and other such regions. Joka has been on the radar and is a known name because of the Indian Institute of Management, the most prestigious group of management institutions in India, located in the area. The

  • Mar 30,2018 10:48

Read the post to know about the features of the smart residential complexes of Kolkata. Not just the luxury amenities but the home technology makes a home smart.

What kind of home are you looking for? Are they high-end units you are focusing on? Then you must check out the smart residential complexes of Kolkata. Just imagine, without settling abroad, you can experience the pleasures of living your lifestyle in an international way. Doesn’t that sound good?

Now, you do not need to travel much, as

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We all know that buying an apartment is the happiest moment of one’s life. To be precise, it is a dream-come-true for many people who invest for the first time to become the owner of a flat. However, buying a flat isn’t that easy as it sounds. It needs a lot of considerations and research or else you are likely to confuse yourself. If you take a quick look at the real estate market, you will find developers coming up with flats having top-notch facilities and amenities like multi-gym, patio for

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Read this blog to know why clubhouses should be there in a residential complex.
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When it comes to determining the price of a residential flat, many factors come into play. The proximity amenities are one of the major determinants in this regard. Read this blog to know more about these.

While we are quite accustomed to the idea that the location, design and the layout of the residential complexes play a major role in the price determination, the reality is completely different. Real estate developers mostly focus on proximity amenities while determining the price of a flat.

  • Jan 29,2018 9:12

Homebuyers remain always baffled with their home buying decision.  Here’s a guide whether a resale flat or a new home would be the smart investment choice.  

While the present market conditions are quite conducive to buy a residential flat even in the metro cities, homebuyers often get baffled when it comes to make a buying decision. The biggest dilemma that seems to haunt you is whether a resale flat or a new home would make a smart investment choice. Considering the pricing variation, many

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The effects of RERA and GST have been rife over the Real estate market of India. Here’s a look at the trends that are expected to reshape and redefine the sector in 2018.

With the implementation of RERA and GST, Indian Real Estate sector has witnessed significant transformation in the recent times. However, the experts have found this phase quite promising, considering the evolving growth prospects in the market.  It seems 2018 looks brighter than ever with a good supply of houses across major

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This blog highlights the factors that must be taken into account while buying the affordable residential projects.
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Should You Invest In Real Estate Property in Kolkata After Demonetization?
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 “Home is definitely the place where the heart resides”, but what if in your heart you do not know where your home should be?

Well, there are several variables that you need to consider while choosing the location of a flat or apartment in a metro city. There’s no point in thinking that any area of a metro city would be ideal for buying a flat. From low crime rates to great connectivity, availability of civic amenities, a lot of considerations come into play while deciding on the location of

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