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Why is Joka the ideal place for Real estate investment?

While the mainland of Kolkata is apparently concrete crammed, the city fringes are coming up with space for real estate boom. Offering tremendous growth prospects in every possible ways, real estate locations like Joka and Rajarhat are gradually becoming the most profitable place for investment. Moreover, the physical proximity of these places from the core of the city also makes them a burgeoning commercial and residential hub.


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Imagine, if instead of using diagrams to teach us how birds fly, our teachers actually took us out in the open to show it? How would it be if we were taught about the flora and fauna in the gardens and jungles instead of colourful pictures in our Science book? How would it be if we could differentiate between the texture of Clayey and Alluvial soil by touching them? 

Just think about the learning we could have had if we were allowed to experience the world and learn from it organically, rather

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Unhappy With The Education System, This Kerala Couple Built An Entire :- By Shabdita Pareek
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May the blessings of Lord Ganesh be always upon you. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!
A luxury home is perceived to be a status symbol. However, you should be warned that it is much more than that. It is extremely important to consider the comfort factor when shopping for these houses. Furthermore, the place must actually feel like home.
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The real estate market in Kolkata is experiencing a boom period, and there are various factors that are driving its growth. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and highly populous with millions of people crowding its streets and adding to the vibe of the city.
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Structures are considered to be earthquake-proof if they remain unharmed when the ground is shaking during the occurrence of an earthquake. Their objective of these constructions is to minimize loss of lives and infrastructural damage. Earthquake-resistant structures have specific requirements due to which it makes sense to determine whether the required resources are locally source-able for the plan to be successfully executed.
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