All you need to know about luxury homes

A luxury home is perceived to be a status symbol. However, you should be warned that it is much more than that. It is extremely important to consider the comfort factor when shopping for these houses. Furthermore, the place must actually feel like home.

It may also interest you to know that quite often basic amenities are not included in the package of the so-called extravagant homes and you could feel cheated. Therefore, there is need to adopt a cautionary approach when dealing with property developers. If you need help to learn about some features of such types of homes, the following details may be referred to.


A primary aspect that defines a luxury home is ample space. Ideally, a 3 BHK with adjoining balconies and attached bathrooms are some norms for the residences to be labeled luxurious. An expansive dining area, hall, and kitchen are crucial when defining luxury. You must also check if the house contains a separate servant’s room. If you are looking to purchase spacious homes, you may want to consider the property In Kolkata Diamond Harbour Road.


The location of the site is also an important point to consider. The vicinity should be crime-free and considered safe to live in. Additionally, the area should be surrounded by greenery and the roads should be well-connected. Other aspects that must be given importance include extensive roads, not much traffic and clean environment.

Ground-To-Ceiling Measurement

You must also look for more distance between the floor and ceiling. This is because chandeliers can be mounted on the ceilings without getting too close to the flooring. The ideal height for the home to be referred to as luxurious is 12 feet and above. If your home does not satisfy this criterion, it is not a luxury home. You should check the property In Kolkata Near IIM Joka because if you want more height between the floor and ceiling.


Expansive elevators are other aspects that determine if the homes are luxurious or not. They should be spacious and have large capacity for accommodating more number of people comfortably.


Checking if the security mechanisms are in place is vital when purchasing high-end properties. These should be installed within the homes and the corridors as well. You must confirm whether the security guards work round-the-clock and surveillance cameras are installed within the premises.


We have listed some features that fit the ‘luxury home’ definition. Be sure that you keep these pointers in mind when you are seeking to buy plush properties. Do not be hasty when buying homes. Keep a balanced head and ensure your decisions are well-thought out before booking the places. Moreover, make certain that you are being delivered what the builders are promising, Always buy only from reputed names and confirm about their past history as a precautionary measure.

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