Amenities to Consider Before Buying a Flat
  • Mar 24,2018 6:28

We all know that buying an apartment is the happiest moment of one’s life. To be precise, it is a dream-come-true for many people who invest for the first time to become the owner of a flat. However, buying a flat isn’t that easy as it sounds. It needs a lot of considerations and research or else you are likely to confuse yourself. If you take a quick look at the real estate market, you will find developers coming up with flats having top-notch facilities and amenities like multi-gym, patio for evening adda, skywalks, swimming pools, landscaped terrace, etc. to draw homebuyers.  While on the other hand, if you are unsure whether the apartment you are buying will support your lifestyle or not, you may end up getting disappointed. Of course, it is one of the most important things to consider while making the right choice.

This time, if you are planning to buy a flat in Kolkata, make sure you check out every detail of the location and features of the apartment you have your eyes on. In comparison to other Indian cities, Kolkata stands as one of the most popular cities when it comes to real estate investment. The obvious reason is its cost of living. Multiple researches over years have pointed out how the increasing demand for housing in Kolkata and its suburbs is drawing a huge number of homebuyers from all across the country. Now, when you are ready to invest in Kolkata flats, we would suggest, you check out residential houses within 25 lakhs in Diamond Harbour.

So, prior to buying an apartment, here are the things you must consider as follows:

Focus on the Key Needs

Most of us are into a habit of looking beyond our immediate needs than the long-term ones. Be it in terms of features or design, most homebuyers tend to be unrealistic. For instance, we all know that a spacious flat offers huge living space along with utmost comfort and convenience. However, have you ever thought of the expense and effort involved for maintenance in addition to the higher capital cost? For the midsized-to-large families, this would be a great choice, but for the young couples, this is an unnecessary expense.

Same goes for the amenities and services on offer. A terrace garden or a swimming pool might sound great, but if your exhausting schedule doesn’t leave you with sufficient time then buying a flat with these features is a waste of money.

Consider Your Style of Living

Some families prefer socializing with people, while some value their privacy. Now, if you fall into the first category then choosing an apartment that offers facilities like lounges and private clubs will be more apt for your lifestyle. You can even opt for an apartment that comes with multi-gym, jogger’s track or fitness areas if you are a fitness freak. Also, there are certain important questions you need to ask yourself before investing in an apartment. They are – Do you have aged parents? Do you travel often? Do you have a pet?

Determine who’s going to Reside

Prior to selecting the kind of apartment, make sure you know who will be staying there. Say, for example, you are buying a house for your old parents that features a gym, swimming pool, lounges, etc, which may not be of much use to them. However, on the other hand, you have to know whether the apartment offers good healthcare options, security system, parks or senior citizen clubs for aged parents or not. Similarly, for kids, you must look for apartments that have schools, colleges and recreational facilities located in the vicinity.

These are some of the major considerations that you need to look closely before you invest in an apartment. Once you have considered these, selecting the right property will be an easier affair. Hence, before going ahead and spending a fortune on, say, one of the residential properties in Behala, make sure you have put a tick on all these factors.

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