Buying home during auspicious month of April
  • Apr 12,2019 12:57

We all know that buying an apartment is the happiest moment of one’s life. To be precise, it is a dream-come-true for many people who invest for the first time to become the owner of a flat. India's real estate services firm, believes that the upcoming festive season is always a  good time for end users as well as investors to make their purchase decisions.

The month includes the Indian New Year (celebrated in various parts of the country) that falls on April 14 -15, followed by Akshay Tritiya, where traditionally people make significant purchases and investments.

During this festive seasons many developers make special offers like flexible payment schemes, waive the maintenance charges for a specific periods, etc. The aim is to help the buyer with a manageable cash outflow so that effective monetary benefits are experienced by the buyers.

Buying homes in India has historically been a multi-purpose activity that comes with varied approaches, including access to funds as well as timing the purchase with auspicious occasions. Traditionally, a home has served not merely as a roof over one’s head but is also biggest financial security that an individual banks on.

While investing in a property during auspicious days always remember: -

Decide on your budget well in advance. This will also help in taking appropriate decisions related to buying property.
Self-assessment is the need of the hour before purchasing a property. Analyze to be assured of potential benefit from the property.
Approach at least three different banks for offers on home loans.
Find out important details of the ‘locality’ of the property you are investing in, like accessibility of transport facilities, hospitals, schools and other social infrastructure.
Do a thorough research and background checks while picking a Builder.

These proximity factors are certainly the key determinants to a certain extent of buying a home during auspicious month.

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