The little extra you are paying for buying a premium flat in Joka
  • Oct 28,2017 10:00

Have you ever wondered what actually increases the price of the real estate projects in Kolkata?  Read this blog to know more.

When we actually talk about a premium flat, it’s not only because it shares a great location or a great layout that’s highly favourable for classy interior decoration. In fact a flat can be tagged as premium, when it comes with a great location, breathtaking layout, all sorts of smart amenities and most importantly a top-notch infrastructure. So basically, it’s a collection of all these factors that are likely to cost you a little more on buying a premium flat in a metro city like Kolkata.

Here’s a look into all those infrastructural amenities that might cost you a little extra on buying a premium residential property in Joka. 

1.Schools: For a home owner with or planning to have children, being close to a school can make life that much easier. First of all, they no longer need to travel long distances to fetch their children to and from school. In case, the residential project is located within the closest proximity of an international school, there’s a high chance that the property price will rise high.

2.Accessibility to shopping malls and supermarkets: Nowadays, most of the premium flats come with shopping malls and supermarkets inside its premises. And, that’s where the price of project is increased. But, even if there’s no such facility inside the premises, but a reputed supermarket is located at the closest proximity, there’s a high chance that it will impact the project price.


3.High-end safetyfeatures: Premium flats in Kolkata are equipped with high end safety features, which a lot of times have its impact on the property price. Safety features like CCTV surveillance systems, fire fighting equipment, video door phone and intercom facility are certainly the high-end features, which are otherwise absent in the standalone and the traditional housing complex of the city. Moreover, the earthquake resistant feature is the premium kind of safety tool available in the recently developed smart complexes. These high end safety features are certainly one of the major determinants of the property price. 

4.Proximity of the Police station: Nothing is more assuring for safety than to be staying close to a police station. With the growing incidences of threats and burglary, it’s important always to keep in touch with the nearby police station. With your flat nearby to a police station, you will have a sense that the cops are pretty nearby.

5.Sports facilities and clubs: More and more people are into sports and games nowadays. Moreover, clubhouses are made in the building premises just to ensure that the inmates have a great time doing recreational activities. Most of the premium projects in Joka, there are gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts as well as space for indoor games where the residents can indulge and have a great time.

6.Parking space: Obviously parking your car far away is not at all acceptable when you are staying in a residential complex. So, these complexes have huge parking lot for the residents, for which the home buyers often need to shell out a little more cash.

7.Restaurants and food centers: This can be very valuable for those who do not cook. Moreover, in a typically hectic schedule , it’s often difficult to find time for cooking. In such cases, your home close to the restaurants and food centers can save you from having instant noodles every day. Also it adds to your convenience quotient, which further allows the real estate agents to increase the price of the prospective residential project.

Basically, there are a lot of factors that actually come into play when the property price is decided. But, as these features make your life more convenient, you often need to pay a little extra on availing these.

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