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  • Sep 25,2019 9:31

If you are planning to buy a flat in Kolkata, make sure you check out every detail of the location and features of the apartment you have your eyes on. Location is perhaps the most crucial aspect that all well-informed property dealers would say.

 In comparison to other Indian cities, Kolkata stands as one of the most popular cities when it comes to real estate investment. The obvious reason is its cost of living. Multiple researches over years have pointed out how the increasing demand for housing in Kolkata and its suburbs is drawing a huge number of homebuyers from all across the country. Now, when you are ready to invest in Kolkata flats, we would suggest to check the premium flats at affordable rates on Diamond Harbour Road.

Diamond Harbour Road is an important business Hub in Southern West Bengal

Kolkata - South West is connected by the wide Diamond Harbour Road (DH Rd) which starts from Kidderpore, Mominpur, Iqbalpur, Alipore, Taratolla crossing, Behala East, Behala West, Joka & moves on to Amtala & Raichak. Owing to the large width of DH Road.

Diamond Harbour Road is a convenient location in terms of the ease of access to transport options as public transport is very nice and frequent. The railway stations are easy accessible from all of the locations. The future prospect of this area is excellent.

Southwest is enormously developing beyond BEHALA towards JOKA, PAILAN, AMTALA and stretching out to RAICHAK & DIAMOND HARBOUR.
The national highway 117, has significant importance of linking ‘Kolkata’ with ‘Haldia’, the industrial nerve-centre of eastern India & the future economical growth of prospective West Bengal will depend largely on the infrastructural development through this stretch covering renowned institutional hubs, industries, housing complexes, markets & hospitals.

Hence Location and most important Diamond Harbour is one of the  major considerations that you need to look before you invest in an apartment.

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