Importance of Having a Clubhouse in the Residential Premises
  • Feb 23,2018 10:17

These days most of the residential projects come with clubhouse facilities. Among the many other convenience amenities, this is certainly the most important one. Read this blog to know why clubhouses should be there in a residential complex.

When it comes to buying a flat or apartment in a residential complex, small things do really matter. That’s the reason, why most of the real estate developers are focused on improving the convenience quotient of the residential complex by offering them a host of amenities and a clubhouse is one of the most important parts of it. The current home buying trends clearly indicate that having a clubhouse not only increases the property value but also positively impact the sale.

What’s so Special about a Clubhouse

So to start with Clubhouse concept, it’s something really beneficial for the builder as well as for the customer. From providing fitness arena to recreation hub, a Clubhouse brings everything under one roof. Thus, building a clubhouse within the residential premises can help a builder to get an increased value of the property. According to the owner of a residential flat near Diamond Park, Behala, (Click here to know more) customers nowadays look for convenience factors mostly while choosing a flat. Having a clubhouse with a series of facilities henceforth comes as a luxurious advantage. All they need is to pay a membership charge to avail the benefits.

The Other Benefits of a Clubhouse

1. Clubhouses of the modern residential complexes are equipped with gym and fitness facilities, which is indeed a greater cost saving factor for the customers. Nowadays, when people invest a lot of money to remain fit and healthy, a gym within the clubhouse of your residential premises indeed comes as a cost-effective deal. This way, you won’t need to bunk your workout session just for the lack of accessibility.

2. Clubhouses in the residential complex offer dedicated areas for holding events, parties, gatherings and so on. Many clubhouses come with both open and closed spaces for holding events. This kind of facility is actually way beyond imagination and indeed a great advantage for the home buyers as he did not need to shell out extra cash for booking a banquet outside to hold the event.

3. Clubhouses also offer the benefit of a recreation arena, where kids and adults can have a fun time. Modern clubhouses are equipped with secured kids play zone, where your children can have a good time with the other children of the community. So, you can stay assured that your kids are not going far away from your reach. Modern clubhouses also come with indoor games room for the adults as well.

In fact the presence of a clubhouse in the residential complex encourages community living, which helps in inculcating good habits in children. According to the buyers of residential flats in the upcoming areas of Joka, clubhouses are now an integral part of the complexes, where you can spend valuable time together as a family.

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