Sample Flats: How useful are they?
  • Feb 11,2019 7:40

Sample flats are a marketing tool employed by builders. While these can give a hint on how the flat will look, one cannot make a purchase decision based on that.

Location: The best location in the project is chosen for the mock flat so that it overlooks gardens, swimming pools, neighboring projects, highways etc, while the real flat may overlook another block or a boundary wall.

  • Dimension: A large area is chosen for the mock flat while one’s purchased flat may have smaller dimensions. Consult the desired flat’s plan to get a better idea.
  • Walls: The walls are made of 2-inch half-bricks or plywood sheets or gypsum boards, which increases the space within the flat. Walls in the purchased flat will be thicker.
  • Ceilings: The ceiling is set higher than what one actually gets in the purchased flat, to increase the feeling of space.
  • Flooring: High-end and expensive wooden flooring is used in the mock flat. Whereas home buyers generally compromise on the brand or variety of wooden floor to keep costs low.
  • Doors: Doors are not fitted in all the enclosures which again heighten the roomy feeling.
  • Balconies: Larger balconies and more balconies are added to the mock flat to create a positive effect that triggers a ‘yes’ decision.
  • Furniture: Expensive furniture that is smaller than what are generally available is used, to create a luxurious and roomy feeling. Real-life furniture can be larger and occupy more space.
  • Cabinets: Cabinets in kitchens; and wardrobes in rooms are designed for less depth – once again to increase the spacious feel.

Builders have the right to market their projects using various tools. Home buyers should appreciate that, and factor in everything before making a purchase decision.


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