Unhappy With The Education System, This Kerala Couple Built An Entire
  • Sep 01,2017 7:58

Imagine, if instead of using diagrams to teach us how birds fly, our teachers actually took us out in the open to show it? How would it be if we were taught about the flora and fauna in the gardens and jungles instead of colourful pictures in our Science book? How would it be if we could differentiate between the texture of Clayey and Alluvial soil by touching them? 

Just think about the learning we could have had if we were allowed to experience the world and learn from it organically, rather than copying the answers from a blackboard and mugging it up only to vomit it out on the answer sheet later?

Taking into account all the constraints which negate the possibility of an ideal education system, it's true that our present education system is inherently flawed. 

So, when the incompetence of the present education system became too much to bear for Gopalakrishnan and his wife Vijayalakshmi, they did something to carve a trajectory of true learning in life. 

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