Things to Consider before You Decide the Location of a Flat in a Metro
  • Nov 30,2017 10:40

 “Home is definitely the place where the heart resides”, but what if in your heart you do not know where your home should be?

Well, there are several variables that you need to consider while choosing the location of a flat or apartment in a metro city. There’s no point in thinking that any area of a metro city would be ideal for buying a flat. From low crime rates to great connectivity, availability of civic amenities, a lot of considerations come into play while deciding on the location of your flat. .

To help you make this important decision, we offer you some great ideas in this post.

1. Affordability

Living comfortably within your means should be your prime concern while choosing a locality. No matter, what’s your financial status, it’s important to decide whether you can afford a flat or apartment in your preferred location? Now, the consideration of affordability includes a lot more than housing expenses; it includes the price of daily necessities such as groceries and other consumable goods. It widely varies from one place to another even in a metro city. For example, the outskirts of the metro city like Kolkata comes with a greater affordability than the flats located in the city’s mainland. So, if you are looking for buying a home in this city, checking out the residential projects in Joka will be a viable option, from the perspective of affordability.

2. Taxes 

Whether you own a house, flat or a residential apartment, you have to pay a regular housing tax, but, the sum widely differs depending on the location. This is what you must take into account while deciding on the location. While the city mainland often imposes a higher sum of tax on the homeowners, the projects in the city outskirts invite a lesser amount. A good idea would be to compare the rates from the Local Corporation or Municipality office to get a fair idea on the same.

3. Real Estate Value

Buying a home is one of the largest investments that you make in a lifetime; hence, you need to seriously consider this factor. Moreover, with real estate in a constant state of flux, it’s important to keep a tab on the current home prices in the particular area, the available and upcoming prospects in that area (which might affect the pricing of the home in the long run), the length of time homes are available for sale, and most importantly, the resale values of the property. All these factors will help you arrive at the long-term value estimation of a real estate property. Keep in mind, that estimation of the real estate value of a particular location is one of the deciding factors of choosing a location.

4. Amenities

The luxurious residential projects like NVR Pride in Joka are coming up with a multitude of modern amenities, which includes regular shuttle service from the project spot to Joka metro, multipurpose sports court, and direct entry to the building by remote control and so on. With so many amenities like a plush and luxurious living space, such properties are soon becoming highly popular among the home-buyers.

Real estate properties have depreciated over the past few years. But, before choosing the location of your flat, get all the details well in advance, so that you can end up making a good buy in every possible ways.

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